Obsolete Discontinued Old Bathroom Ceramic Colours. In Stock.

Obsolete OLD COLOURS. Three Floors Of Stock. Discontinued Bathroom Products.


Over 80 Colours Inc. Damask. Primrose. indian ivory. pergamon. soft cream. sky blue. Pampas. Sorbet. Honeysuckle.
Champagne. Avocado. burgundy. Whisper Pink. Grey. Green. Peach. Blue. Kashmir Beige. Turquoise. Many More

Rare, Old Colours. Baths. Basins. Pans. Cisterns. Bidets. Panels. Seats. Taps. Mixers. Accessories and More.

Large Choice Of Obsolete Discontinued Bathroom Products. Range Of Colours and Manufacturers. Bradford. Yorkshire.

Unfortunately We Can No Longer Supply Physical Colour Charts Or Samples.

Obsolete Colours Toilet Seats champagne pink blue green cream pergamon

Discontinued Obsolete Products By Branded Name Manufacturers

old obsolete discontinued bathroom colours chart samples 60s 70s 80s

Discontinued Obsolete Bathroom Colours At Trade Prices

Discontinued Product Pricing.

Baths From £50.

Bath Panels From £10.

Toilet Pans From £50.

Toilet Cisterns From £50.

Toilet Seats From £10.

Basins From £25.

Pedestals From £20.

Shower Trays From £10.

Some Of The Popular Colours That We Stock...

Champagne. Indian Ivory. Chablis. Avocado. Sun King. Wild Sage. Pampas. Pergamon. Soft White. Soft Cream. Soft Mint. Melba Peach. Shires Peach. Whisper Blue. Misty Blue. Whisper Peach. Misty Peach. Whisper Pink. Misty Pink. Whisper Green. Misty Green. Whisper Grey. Misty Grey. Autumn Brown. Turquoise. Sky Blue. Bamboo. Mink. Flamingo Pink. Jade. Cornflower. Frost. Whisky. Burgundy. Bali Brown. Sepia. Sorrento Blue. Alpine Blue. Kashmir Beige. Coral Pink. Damask. Primrose. Bermuda Blue. Sandalwood. Harvest Gold. Cameo Pink. Emerald Green. Honeymoon. Honeysuckle. Bahama Beige. Willow Green. Pompadour. Pearl. Jasmine. Twilight Pebble. Sorbet. Chiffon Pink. Almond. Mother Of Pearl. Linden Green. Wych Elm. Caspian. Apple Green. Pacific Blue. Lagoon. Two Tones. Oyster. Whisper Cream. Azure Blue. Sable. Romany. Blue Grass. Even More In Stock

Popular Colour Match Links... Please Select To Check Your Colour. Noting That There Will Be A Differential Based On Lighting, Camera, Screen.

JSL BATHROOMS. Bradford. Discontinued Coloured Bathroom Products At Trade Prices.

Most Popular Obsolete Bathroom Colours (Approximation) Below. 


Actual Photographs Of Coloured Example Products To Help You Identify Your Colour. Please Check Our COLOUR CHART