White Front Side & End Bath Panels.


White Durable high quality Acrylic bath Panels.

1700 (1680mm) bath front side panels. 700 (690mm) & 800mm Extra wide end panels. Regency 1800 Colonial Front Panels.
Bath Panels are In Stock & Ready To Take Away - Jsl Bathrooms - Bradford - Yorkshire.
Bath Side Panel 1700mm Standard White Quality Aquarius

Aquarius Quality.

Bath Front Side Panel
White £15

Bath End Panel Aquarius Quality White 700mm

Aquarius Quality.

Bath End Panel
White £10

Regency Colonial Bath Panel 1800 x 510mm. Roman Style. Heavy Gauge Acrylic.

1800mm bath panel regency colonial roman style

Acrylic Bath Panels. British Made By Aquarius. Approx Height Is 510mm.

1700 Front Side Panel Approx. (1680MM) - £15.

700 End Panel Approx. (690MM) -  £10.

800 Extra Wide End Panel Approx. (800MM) - £15.

1800 Extra Long Front Side Panel (Regency) - £50.

These panels are fairly flat in design. Front Side Panels have a slight bow towards the middle of about an inch or so. It is this curve that gives them the added strength that such a span would require.

They are also fairly plain, with just the 'Cut To' lines at the bottom for a cleaner finish.

Regency bath panels are embossed with fluted colonial embellishments.

white bath panels acrylic british made quality

For Obsolete Colours In Bath Panels Please Email Us.