Colour Bath Bars. Vanity Shelves. Bath Splashbacks.

Bath Bars For On Top Of The Bath. Wall Mounted. Side 1700mm End 700mm. Mink. Avocado. Bali Brown. Harvest Gold.

Shelving Storage Acrylic Plastic Coloured Bath Vanity Bars. Champagne. Damask.

Bathroom Shelf. Discontinued & Obsolete Old Colours. JSL Bathrooms
Carter Street Bradford. Broomfields. Yorkshire. Blue. Green. Pink. Brown. Soft Cream


indian ivory colour plastic bath vanity bar shelf

Pictured. Indian Ivory Colour Bath Vanity Bar. Mirrored. By Omega Plastics Of Norwich.

We have some bath vanity bars in stock in discontinued and obsolete old colours. Bath bars are British made and standard bath length 1700mm, and width 700mm. Please inquire to see if we have the colour that you are seeking. As well as providing additional storage, bath bars can also help seal the bath against the wall, reducing the chance of water leakage due to the vanity bar acting like a splashback.

Available In Various Shades Of Green, Brown, Pink, Red, Blue, Beige, And Soft Cream. Priced At £40 Or Less.

Mink. Champagne. Avocado. Harvest Gold. Soft Cream. Bali Brown. Damask.