Hairdresser Basins. Salon Backwash. Hairdressing. Shires.

Back Wash Basins For Hairdressers and Barbers Salon.

Recessed Front For Neck And Head Recline Rinse.

British Made By Shires Bathrooms. Hairdresser Sink For Salon.
JSL Bathrooms. 17-19 Carter Street. Bradford. Low Trade Prices On Quality Products Since 1978.
Hairdressers Basin Head Neck Cut Out Shires

Salon Hairdressing Basin

Shires. British Made. Backwash Basin.
Ceramic. Ideal for Hairdressers Salon.
Measures Approx. 600mm x 450mm.
No Tap Holes.



Limited Stock Remains.

Salon Basins. Backwash. Hairdressing Basin. Large Size. Cheap Low Prices. Bradford. Yorkshire. JSL Bathrooms. British Made Quality By Shires Bathrooms.

Shires. British Made. Backwash Basin. Ceramic. Ideal for Hairdressers Salon. Measures Approx. 600mm x 450mm. Indian Ivory Off White Colour.