Shower Handsets. Hand Shower Spray Controls.

Large Selection Of Hand Held Shower Handsets In Stock.

Various Colours and Styles. Ideal Standard. Triton. Westminster 1902

Even More In Stock. Branded Names. High Quality. Telephone
Chrome. Gold. Black. White. Metal. Plastic. Multi Position. Adjustable.

Many Shower Handset Controls In Stock. Gold Silver Chrome Black White Finish. Telephone Shower Mixer Type For Bath. Freestanding Riser Rail Kits For Wall Showers. Adjustable Spray Settings. Branded Names. Metal And Plastic. Modern Contemporary Victorian Edwardian Traditional. 

Black And Chrome Stylish Handsets For Shower
Standard Telephone White Handle And Face Shower Handsets JSL Bathrooms Bradford
Wide Face Chrome Telephone Shower Handset White Handle
Moderna Gold Shower Handset Large Face JSL Bathrooms Bradford
Ideal Shower Head Multi Position Chrome
Standard Spring Telephone Shower Handset Gold Handle In White
Illusion Clear And Gold Shower Handset JSL Yorkshire
Chrome And Clear Tubular Slimline Modern Baton Shower Handset
Vernon Tutbury Gold Shower Handset Fluted Handle Large JSL Bathrooms Bradford
Ideal Standard Shower Handset Black Hole Hollow Center
Large Face Shower Handsets Silver and Chrome Adjustable Position Spray
Spring Large Gold Telephone Handsets White Centered Handles
Chrome Telephone Shower Handset White Handle Rubber Washer Face
Chrome Large Face Shower Handset Multi Position
Standard Yet Stylish Chrome Shower Handset With Good Sized Face
Large Faced Gold Telephone Shower Handset White Handle
Black Face Gold Body Bathroom Shower Handset JSL Bradford
Gold And Clear Slimline Modern Baton Tube Shower Handset
Slim Black And Chrome Back Shower Handset JSL Bradford
Basic White Baton Style Shower Handset White Plastic Long

Pencil Style Shower Heads. Low Pressure. High Pressure. Black. White. Gold. Chrome. Plastic and Metal. Traditional Victorian Telephone and Modern Styles. Branded Names. Ideal Standard. Triton. Spring. Shires. Westminster 1902. Adjustable Multi Position Spray Heads.

Many More Handsets and Heads To Choose From In Store.