JSL Bathrooms Shop. Bradford Store.

White & Discontinued - Obsolete Old Colours - Quality Products - Bradford. Yorkshire.

Cheapest Complete Suite With Bath & Taps £95. Trade Prices Since 1978.

British Made baths - toilets - basins - bidets - Panels - toilet seats - showers - Trays - Enclosures - Doors - taps - mixers.
White Whirlpool Baths In Stock - White 8mm thick acrylic baths in stock - White roll top baths in stock.
JSL BATHROOMS - Export Quality @ Trade Prices. Discontinued & Obsolete Bathroom Products - Over 80 Colours. Baths - Basins - Toilets - Bidets - Taps - Showers - Mixers - Toilet Seats - Bath Panels - JSL Bradford - YORKSHIRE

Clearance Items Are Sold On A First Come First Served Basis. Availability Cannot Be Assured.

Over 80 Discontinued & Obsolete Colours In Stock. 8mm Baths. Whirlpool Baths. Budget Buys.

Specialists In Old Colours. From Pergamon To Pampas & Soft Mint To Sorbet.

We don't just offer great prices on discontinued colour stock. We also have modern white suites at low trade prices. Our whirlpool baths are rigorously tested, and our 8mm thick acrylic baths are some of the strongest on the British market. We also stock taps, mixers and shower valves. We have over a hundred baths on display and thousands of pieces of pottery in stock. If you just need a bath panel or a toilet seat, we have those too. British made toilet seats and bath panels from £10. One of the many reasons that we have been in business at our Bradford branch for so long. Our customers know that we provide quality bathroom products at competitive trade prices, hence the reason that most of our customers are in the trade. We also sell direct to the public at the same prices that we charge the trade.

All Of Our Products Are New, Unused & Of Original Manufacture.

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JSL Bathrooms - Bradford - Yorkshire.

17-19 Carter Street - Off Wakefield Road - Bradford - West Yorkshire.


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