Tap Heads. Handwheels.

Branded Names. Armitage Shanks. Ideal Standard and More.

All New. All Original. All At Low JSL Bathrooms Prices. Apollo By Lotus.

Range of spare tap heads, handwheels and replacement levers by Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks and More.
A Small Selection Of Our Stock. We Advise That You Bring The Tap Heads that You Wish To Match To In Store With You.

Armitage Shanks Starlite Handwheels. Tortoise Shell. Veined. Pastel. Acrylic.

Armitage Shanks Tap Heads Ceramic Handles

Armitage Shanks STARLITE. Veined. £25.

armitage shanks bayberry handwheels


starlite armitage veined avocado tap heads

Veined Avocado

starlite shanks tops tap veined blue

Veined Blue

veined pastel green armitage shanks tap tops

Veined Pastel Green

veined beige caramel armitage shanks hand wheel

Veined Pastel Beige

veined oyster grey armitage handwheel heads

Veined Oyster

armitage shanks starlite veined brown handwheels

Veined Brown


Armitage Shanks STARLITE. Neutral Chrome Plastic Heads. £10.

armitage shanks clear plastic tap heads

Clear Acrylic

Armitage Shanks Starlite Chrome Tap Tops

Lower Chromed Acrylic (No Indices)

silver chrome tap heads armitage shanks starlite

Chromed Acrylic

Armitage Shanks STARLITE. Simulated Onyx. £30.

onyx peach armitage shanks starlite handwheels


romany heads armitage shanks handwheels starlite


armitage shanks rose pink onyx tap heads starlite


pompadour handwheels starlite armitage shanks


Armitage Shanks STARLITE. Simulated Marble. £20.

grey handwheels tap heads starlite shanks

Grey 3/4"

armitage shanks starlite peach tap heads

Peach 1/2"

armitage starlite green handwheels bath 3/4

Green 3/4"

Armitage Shanks STARLITE Tortoise Shell. Handwheels. METAL. £50.

armitage shanks handwheels lustron gold red tortoise shell

Red Tortoise. Lustron Gold

tap heads armitage starlite gold lustron rose satin

Rose Tortoise. Lustron Gold

tortoise shell tap heads armitage starlite

Golden Tortoise. Chrome

armitage stralite oyster tap heads brass

Oyster Tortoise. Lustron Gold

Many More Armitage Shanks Hand Wheel Tap Heads In Stock.

Lotus Bathrooms. Metal Heads Enamelled Finish.

Lotus. APOLLO. Brass Tap Heads. Square. Enameled Finish. METAL. £25.

jade green metal tap heads lotus apollo

Jade Green Bath Tap Heads. Apollo By Lotus Bathrooms.

whisky tap heads brass apollo lotus square

Whisky Bath Tap Heads. Apollo By Lotus Bathrooms.

mink mocha square brass tap head lotus

Mink / Mocha Bath Tap Heads. Apollo By Lotus Bathrooms.

lotus square chrome tap heads lotus

Chrome Plated Basin Tap Heads. Apollo By Lotus Bathrooms.

Established Solid Brass Made Tap Heads. W Adams and Sons. £70.

w. adams and sons mayfair brass gold dot blue red tap heads fluted lined

W. Adams and Sons. Fluted. Gold Plated. Mayfair.

adams westminster fancy ornate 3/8 gold tap heads cover sleeves dotted

Westminster. 3/8 Dotted. Gold Plated. With Sleeves.

Ideal Standard MONOLUX and DUALUX. Tap Head Lever Handles. £20.

ideal standard levers monolux dualux white


monolux lever ideal standard tap mixer handle

White. Whisper Grey. OUT OF STOCK

kashmire ideal standard monolux lever spare

Kashmir Beige. Chrome. OUT OF STOCK

ideal standard monolux lever mixer basin

Whisper Green. White. OUT OF STOCK

ideal standard jetline tap heads handwheels

Ideal Standard. Superline. Chrome. Jetline OUT OF STOCK

ideal standard superline jetline tap heads champagne ivory ceramic

Ideal Standard. Jetline. Ceramic. Ivory/Champagne

Onyx Tap Heads. Heavy Quality

Onyx Tap Heads. Handwheels. With Marbled Veins. £60.

Made In Italy.

pink onyx tap heads handwheels plae

Pale Pink Onyx Tap Heads

green onyx tap heads handwheels

Green Veined Onyx Tap Heads

Brown Veined Onyx Tap Heads

Brown Veined Onyx Tap Heads

black veined onyx tap heads

Black Veined Onyx Tap Heads

Acrylic Tap Heads. Handwheels

Attersall Trueflow Gold Tap Heads. Acrylic. Gold Effect Plastic Inserts. £15 Per Pair.

attersall gold brown tap heads lined trueflow

Attersall Trueflow. Contract. Caramel & Gold

Black Squared Indices. Red and Blue Dot.

attersall contract gold plastic tap heads

Attersall Trueflow. Contract. Clear & Gold. Round

Gold Disc Indices. Red and Blue Ring.

Tap Heads Are Not Universal And Are Specific To A Manufacturer and Model. Like A car door, they are not Interchangeable.

Cascade John Sydney Acrylic Tap Heads and Ceramic Bathroom Pull Switch Handle Sets. £30.

cascade pink tap heads

Acrylic Pink To Champagne Tap Heads

Pink pull light switch ceramic bathroom

Pink Ceramic Light Switch Pull

Ultra Ceramic Tap Heads. Red Blue Dotted Indices. Include Plastic Valve Adapters. £30 Per Pair.

white ceramic tap heads blue red dots

Ultra Finishing Ceramic Tap Heads. White

soft cream ceramic tap heads misty peach

Ultra Finishing Ceramic Tap Heads. Soft Cream / Misty Peach

NEW CLASSIC Ceramic Tap Heads

new classic ceramic tap heads bermuda blue whisper green

New Classic Ceramic Tap Heads. Available In Bermuda Blue & Whisper Green. Limited Stocks In Burgundy. £30 Per Pair.

These Marble Effect Acrylic Tap Heads Fit Onto A Square Topped Valve. There Should Be No Splines For These Heads To Be Compatible.

Naturally these heads have no set pattern, so heads may vary considerably in pattern and Colour, as real marble would. £10 Per Pair.

sepia brown marble tap head

Sepia With Creamed Vein

ivory cream off white marble tap heads

Ivory Cream With Kashmir Vein

avocado green marble tap head

Avocado With Red & Brown & White Vein

cameo pink marble tap heads

Cameo Pink With Grey & Ivory Cream Vein

Armitage Shanks Starlite Range Tap Heads Handwheels and Tap Tops. Marble Plastic Metal Ceramic. Acrylic.

Ultra Finishing Tap Heads. Ideal Standard Tap Heads. Veined Lined. Lever Round Westminster Adams And Sons.

Tap Spare Parts And Replacements For Bathroom Bath And Basin Taps And Mixers. From 60s 70s 80s and 90s
JSL  Bathroom Suites. Bradford. Yorkshire. United Kingdom. UK. Spare Tap Head And Handwheels Replacements.
sorrento blue white vein tap heads

Sorrento Blue Tap Heads With White Vein. Round Spindle Valve Connection.