Semi Pedestals. Half Pedestals. Basin Pedestals. White and Pergamon Colours.

Kerasan Rembrandt Bellini Ideal Standard Armitage Shanks Sanitaryware Sanitari Ceramic Wall Fixed Under Basin.

Bathroom Pedestal Stands. Half Semi Pedestals. White. Pergamon. Made In The U.K. Made In Italy. 

JSL Bathroom Suites. Bradford. Yorkshire. Sphinx Orta Twyford Advent View Alto Serel.
Light Cream. Off White. Rounded Semi Pedestals. British and Italian. Branded Manufacturers. Spares and Replacements.

All Rembrandt Bellini and Kerasan Semi Pedestals £50 Each. White and Pergamon.

semi pedestals pergamon white


kerasan pergamon white semi pedestals jsl

Rembrandt Bellini

kerasan half pedestals pergamon

Serel Pergamon Only

kerasan half pedestals basin pergamon

Serel Pergamon Only

Semi / Half Pedestals. All Half Pedestals Below In White Only. Priced At £40 Each.

twyford advent view semi pedestal

Twyford Advent View

ideal standard alto large semi pedestal

Ideal Standard Alto. Large

be1008 semi pedestal hole in bottom


sphinx orta semi pedestal white

Sphinx Orta

Kerasan. Rembrandt. Bellini. Ideal Standard. Armitage Shanks. Half Semi Pedestals For Bathroom Basins. Branded Names At Low Trade Prices. Spares and Replacements. Wall Mounted Basin Stands Underneath Supports. Pergamon. Soft White. Light Cream and White. JSL Bathroom Suites. Bradford. Yorkshire. British and Italian Imports. Advent View. Alto Large. Sphinx Orta. BE1008. Serel.