Mocca Colour Toilet Seat. Bathroom Fittings.

Mocca Toilet Seat. Medium To Dark Milk Chocolate Brown Colour. Replacement Parts.

JSL Bathrooms. Bradford. Yorkshire. Discontinued and Obsolete Bathroom Fittings Colours Toilet Seats.

Mocca Brown Chocolate Colour. Rare and Old Bathroom Equipment. Spare Parts.
Standard Fit Toilet Seat and Cover Lid. Mocca Milk Chocolate. Cappuccino

Mocca Coloured Toilet Seat. Discontinued and Obsolete Bathroom Colours. Seat and Cover. Bathroom Fittings and Equipment. Mocca Is A Warm Chocolate Colour With A Hint Of Orange. So A Chocolate Orange Drink If You Like. The Tint Of Orange That Shines Through Cannot Be Captured By Camera, Only By The Human Eye. Here It Looks Stale, Like An Unbranded Chocolate Drink, Neglected & Cold. In Reality, It Almost Glows With A Warming Tone.


mocca toilet seat colour milk chocolate

Pictured: Mocca Colour Quality Toilet Seat. Standard Shape And Size.