Crocus Colour Bathroom Products. Toilet Seats

Crocus Colour. Matte Finish. Powder Blue. Pastel Blue Bathroom Fittings and Equipment. Valadares.

Crocus Blue Matte Finish Toilet Seat By Bemis. Old and Rare Items. Spares And Replacement Parts.

JSL Bathrooms. Bradford. Yorkshire. Discontinued and Obsolete Colours Toilets. Bidets. Basins.
Bemis Quality Toilet Seat In Matte Finish Crocus Blue. Heavy Duty

Crocus Is A Powder Blue Colour That Is Almost Akin To Whisper Blue and Cornflower, Separated Only By A Few Shades.

However Crocus Reflects The Light Differently As It Is Matte Finish. These Are Heavy Duty Bemis Quality Toilet Seats In Crocus.

The Picture Below Is Meant As An Approximate Illustration Of The Colour.

It Will Appear Different On Various Screens. JSL Bathrooms. Bradford. Yorkshire.

bemis crocus blue colour toilet seat