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Mother Of Pearl Has A Mottled Effect Which Seems To Shimmer As Light Hits It, It Is Not A Solid Colour, Hence Looks Slightly Different From Various Angles And Under A Choice Of Light. 

Illustration Of Mother Of Pearl

mother of pearl colour corner bath

Pictured. Mother Of Pearl Finish Large 1400 x 1400mm Corner Bath By Designer Products.

Mother Of pearl is not so much a colour as it is a masterpiece. It is not one continuous flat hue. M.O.P. resembles a sea shell, possibly bought from the cat's mother on the sea shore. reflecting oil like colours split and Reunited by infinite prisms over Infinite mirrors. There are greens and yellows, white with gold, and illusions of a watery sun mirage, when in reality there is nothing by a sweeping dune, scooping you up like a quenelle of goats cheese.

Mother Of Pearl Coloured Baths Basins Toilets Seats Vanity Basins Bidets Designer Products. JSL Bathrooms. Bradford. Yorkshire.

Mother of Pearl Colour bathroom products

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Mother Of Pearl included a tricky technique laden process. Often this colour could not be replicated onto products directly and so it was applied to a plastic coating Which was then worn by ceramic pieces like a Opalescent shroud.