Pompadour Colour Bathroom Products. Toilet Seats. Basins.

Pompadour Baths. Panels. Toilets. Toilet Seats. Basins. JSL Bathrooms

Pompadour Is A Medium To Dark Pink, With A Hint Of Dark Peach And Grey.  

Discontinued and Obsolete Bathroom Sanitaryware Products. JSL Bathroom Suites. Bradford. Yorkshire. Low Trade Prices.
Pompadour Pink Bathroom Products and Spare Replacement Parts. Low Trade Prices. Toilet Seats.

Pompadour Pink Toilet Seats And Bathroom Spare Parts And Replacements.

illustration of pompadour

Pompadour pompadore pink bathroom toilet seat

Pictured. Pompadour Colour Standard Shape, Size and Fit Toilet Seat.

The Product On This Page Is Meant To Serve As An Illustration Of Its Colour. Pompadour pink.

Naturally There Will Be A Variance Due To Model Of Camera Used And The Equipment That You Are Currently Viewing This Page On. Unless You Are Certain Of The Colour You Require, There Is No Substitute For Bringing A Physical Sample In To Our Store With You.

Pompadour Colour