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Fleur De Lis. Roses Carnations Flowers Greek Key White Burgundy Whisper Grey Indian Ivory Champagne Chablis

Discontinued Obsolete and hard to find ceramics with transfers on. All original pieces from the 1970s and 80s.

Magnet Southerns. Balterley Bathrooms. Qualcast Bathrooms. Red Line. Red Band. Gemma Bathrooms.
Whisper Grey Cisterns Bidets Pedestals White Cisterns Pedestals Champagne Pedestals Mocca

We stock pieces of decorated and Transferred pottery. Various colours items and designs by quality manufactures. Balterley Bathrooms. Qualcast Bathrooms. Magnet Southerns. Banding Lines By Qualcast Often in a red colour. gold fleur de lis on white ceramic. champagne and chablis/indian ivory with roses, carnations flowers.



decorated flowers toilets basins bathrooms
the oxford decorated blue on white basin 3 hole

The Oxford Blue Decorated Cottage Bathroom Basin

Three Tap Hole 

Scalloped Soap Dishes


gold fleur de lis white pedestal

Gold Fleur de lis on White pedestal

balterley pedestal champagne flowers roses

balterley pedestal

champagne and roses

red band on grey cistern qualcast

red band on grey Ceramic cistern


japanese lady black on white pedestal

Black japanese lady on white pedestal

Designer Products

gold fleur de lis on white cistern

gold fleur de lis on white Ceramic Cistern

gold fleur de lis on burgundy cistern

gold fleur de lis on burgundy Ceramic cistern

qualcast grey lined band red bidet

Red Band On Grey Bidet

By Qualcast

mocca decorated gold fleur de lis cistern

Mocca Colour Cistern in Ceramic.

Decorated with gold fleur de lis.

gemma bathrooms flowers toilet pan ivory

Flowers On Ivory Toilet Pan

By Gemma Bathrooms

More Decorated Pieces in stock. Please contact us for more information.

Decorated bathroom ceramics have been around for centuries but only a handful of styles have survived. The most popular designs Revolved around the basic template of flowers in particular roses and carnations. The french regal classic pattern of repeated fleur-de-lis. This was often in gold silver or black. Simple Banding was also popular but though it was considered quite modern in the 70s and 80s it has probably dated the quickest. Greek key designs were also popular again these were common in gold silver black and red. The most popular designs and colour schemes however were and are still the original... Blue wash on white ceramic typically flowers and in particular the fabled english rose.