Chrome Plated Toilet Cistern Push Flush Button ABS

To Suit Approx. 35mm - 40mm Diameter Holes

Fits any standard push button dual flush cistern with central hole between 35mm and 40mm Diameter.

Roca - TC Bathrooms - Ideal Standard - Armitage Shanks - Rak Ceramics - Vogue Bathrooms & Many More
Two adjustable rods for dual flush action. Extension pieces when long reach is required.

ABS Chrome Plated Dual Flush Push Button For a wide range of toilet cisterns. Suits approx. diameter of 35mm - 40mm.

A quality chrome plated ABS dual flush push button to suit toilet cisterns with a cistern lid hole of approximately 35mm - 40mm. Compatible with most models by top brands. Ideal Standard. TC Bathrooms. Vogue Bathrooms. Armitage Shanks & Many More.

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