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The Document below outlines what practices occur, and what we do with the information that is presented to us, when your internet enabled device accesses our website pages.

PRIVACY and COOKIES (Incorporating GDPR) POLICY FOR 'JSL Bathroom Suites' Referred To Hereafter As 'Jsl Bathrooms', 'Us', And 'We'.


JSL Bathrooms Does Not Share Any Information That You Provide Us With To Any Third Party Unless Requested By Law.

The Information Is Used By Us To Greater Facilitate The Customers Needs, And Improve Customer Service.

We Do Not Use Any Of The Information That You Provide Us With To Send Unsolicited Marketing Information, Spam Emails, Unsolicited Postal Literature, Nor Do We Make Unsolicited (Cold) Telephone Calls.

JSL Bathrooms Is Not Responsible For The Content Of Any Third Party Websites That Are Linked On Or From Our Site. 

These Websites Are Out Of Our Control And Not Bound By Our Privacy Policy Terms.


Any Information That You Furnish Us With Through Our Contact Submission Form Or Direct By Email (Ie. Name, Number, Address, Or Email Address) Will Not Be Shared By Us With Anyone, Unless We Are Requested To Do So By Law.

You Will Only Ever Be Contacted By JSL Bathrooms In Response To Your Questions And Queries. 

You May Be Contacted By Us Via Email, Telephone Or By Post With A Reply To Said Questions And Queries.

We Have Not Been In Business Since 1978 By Operating In A Morally Bankrupt Or Dishonest Manner. People Trust Us, And We Reciprocate That Trust In Kind, And As A Family Owned Business We Can Say This Without Contempt Or Ambiguity. 

JSL Bathrooms Does Not Utilise Third Party Advertising On Its Website, Nor Do We Employ Underhanded Pop-Up Or Pop-Under Advertising Techniques.


We Try To Update The Information And Media Contained On Our Website As Often As Possible, Mistakes Are Not Common But Are Inevitable From Time To Time. We Strive For The Highest Of Standards Where Accuracy Is Concerned. 

All Information And Media Content On Our Webpages Was Correct At The Time Of Publication, But Remains Under Conditions To Change Without Prior Notice.


What Are Cookies?

Cookies Are Small Information Files Which Are Downloaded Onto Your Computer When You Browse A Website And/Or Particular Webpage. 

This Information Usually Monitors How You Found The Site And Which Pages On That Site You Visit. More Details On Cookies Can Be Found Here.


This Website Uses Cookies To Ensure You Get The Best Experience On Our Website. Our Cookies Are Used By Us For Purely Analytical Purposes. (Google Analytics, Bing Analytics) We Do Not Condone Or Manage The Use Of Spyware Or Malware. Our Website Host Also Uses Cookies For Analytical Purposes. To View The Privacy Policy Of Our Host Please Visit The Link Below.


Known Cookies Used By Our Web Host.

1. The Analytics Cookie When Someone Visits Your Website We Collect Standard Internet Log Information. We Do This To Find Out Things Such As The Number Of Visitors To Your Website. We Collect This Information In A Way Which Does Not Identify Anyone. Analytics Information Is Helpful To Website Owners As It Helps Them Gauge Their Site’s Success.   

2. The Quantcast Cookie

This Is A Third-Party Cookie And Helps Us Track Traffic Across All Hosted Sites. This Helps Us To Manage Server Load And Ensure That Our Users’ Websites Are Served Up Quickly. 


JSL Bathrooms Does Use Google Analytics & Bing Analytics So That We Can Better Customise The End Users Experience, And Tailor Our Pages To Provide The User With Improved Efficiency And Increased Relevancy To Their Search. We Are Always Trying To Improve The Experience Of Our Site Visitors, So That They Are Not Bombarded With Irrelevant Or Non Pertinent Subject Matter.  

More Information On Google Analytics And Their Cookie Usage Can Be Found At The Link Below.


More Information On How Bing (Microsoft) Operate With Cookie Usage Can Be Found At The Link Below.



Any Third Party Websites Found By Links On This Website Have Not Been Reviewed. JSL Bathrooms Accepts No Responsibility For Such Third Party Websites Or Their Content. We Do Not Endorse These Websites Or Make Representations About Them Or Any Material Contained Within Them. If You Choose To Access A Third Party Website Linked To From This Website, It Is Done So At Your Own Risk.

GDPR General Data Protection Information.


Closed Circuit Television Is Used in and around our premises to aid in protecting the safety of the innocent, and possibly aiding any prosecution of the guilty. The safety of our customers is of paramount importance, and this tool is utilised to better equip Ourselves and the authorities in the fight against injustice, tyranny, and intimidation.

We do not Operate like the totalitarian government (Known as the party) as detailed in the novel '1984' by George Orwell. The CCTV is there only for the protection of the people, by the people, for the people. All for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. We have your best interests at heart.

We have no servers and no databases. So there is no information stored about you by us. Whether it is information that you have supplied to us or information that we have collected through our Analytical use of cookies (As detailed above).

We do not utilise automated decision making in response to any information on you, that may be supplied to us, or collected by us. We do not use Algorithms to profile in any way, any possible said details and information.

You have The Right To Withdraw Consent At Any Time, Where Relevant.

We do not participate in marketing campaigns that involve you to be contacted directly via post, email, text, telephone, Fax or direct messaging through Social media. We believe this level of information harvest to be not only unnecessary but immoral. It is only a shame that an overwhelming majority of global elitists and big business Does do this, leaving you to have to either 'opt out', or 'unsubscribe' from various lists that you never wanted to join in the first place. WE DO NOT MASS MARKET like this, and your details will never be added to such Nefarious and underhand practices by us.

If you wish to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, then Please see the contact us page for your available options. This Page can be found HERE (This Page Opens in a new window).


As We Use 'Microsoft Hotmail' as our default email service provider, Microsoft and their associates may store any details that you submit to us through a direct email to our email address, rather than our contact form (also found on our 'contact' page). Again details can be found on the link below. Please be aware that any control over, and possible changes to said details, protocols and procedures are out of our control, and not the responsibility of JSL Bathroom Suites.


If you don't trust the Electronic world, you can always send us a letter in the post. Please keep in mind however that your letters may be Intercepted and opened or x-rayed by third parties before they reach us. So you may consider being scant with your details, we cannot However guarantee a response if you send us any unaddressed Literature. If you are this careful about your details, you may wish to place a plain piece of paper in an Unmarked envelope, and hand deliver it to someone else. We advise you to wear gloves and perform this action in an Hermetically sealed environment to ensure that you are not snared by any waiting DNA Annalists.

Last Update 06/05/2018