Roca Close Coupling Kit AV0021700R

For Connecting A Roca Close Coupled Toilet Pan & Cistern 

Doughnut / Donut Washer And Close Coupling Bolts With Washers And Nuts.

Roca Branded Name. Reliable & Durable Quality.
JSL Bathrooms - Bradford - West Yorkshire. Plumbing Merchant Fittings & Supplies
roca close coupling kit bolts washer

Roca Close Coupling Kit. £8. Kit Consists of Large Donut Washer. Two Metal Bolts. Four Metal Nuts. Two Plastic Wing Nuts & Bolt Washers (Six Metal & Four Rubber).


AV0021700R Roca Close Coupling Kit For Pan & Cistern. Washer & Bolts.

Made In The EU

Roca Branded Doughnut Washer With Bolts. Bolt Washers & Nuts.

This Kit Is Compatible With The Vast Majority Of Close Coupled Toilet Pans & Cisterns That Don't Require A Close Coupling Plate, But Where The Base Of The Cistern Is Pre-drilled With Close Coupling Bolt Holes. Also Compatible With Most Other Manufacturers Close Coupled Pans & Cisterns.

Roca close coupling toilet pan and cistern kit. AV0021700R Branded quality plumbing fixtures, fittings and supplies. Metal Bolts. Metal Washers. Rubber Washers. Metal Nuts. Plastic Wing Nuts.

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